Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, Part 2

Vitals/med levels are still the same. Right now he is maintaining. No better, no worse. They have been unable to step him down any more from the meds as they wished to. The reason this is important is that the meds at their current levels will be harmful to continue beyond a couple of days. His kidney output is down to nothing. The renal team will be coming in to consult tonight. Dialysis is likely to start soon.
C'mon Mark. We know what you're made of...let's see more of your fight!


  1. Please continue praying for Mark. He truly needs a miracle to pull through this one, but I know God can see him through these dark hours. Pray that his body responds to the medication and they can step down on his meds again. That his body will continue to fight. That his kidneys will pick back up. Mark, we are not done yet, please continue to fight. Wish I could tag team you and take the hit for awhile, I know you must be tired. We are all praying for you to pull through this hurdle, we need our Mark. Love you, bro.

  2. Come on Mark keep up the fight! All of out here in Phoenix are Praying for you. Everyone here at Trea are thinking of you and Kim all of the time. Hang in there brother.