Sunday, June 21, 2009


Mark is unchanged from last night. He is still on max amounts all three meds for his blood pressure, and his vitals are the same. BP is still low (was 87/47 this morning) His heart rate is at 107. His kidney function is still minimal, but is to be expected with all of the meds he is on.
It's up to you now, Mark...keep up the fight! We know you can clear this hurdle!


  1. Mark, think of this as just another hurdle to get you to that finish line.

    Rados, Lucy, Clara, Milo, Marilyn and Hannah all wish you a Happy Father's Day and are waiting anxiously for your return home.

    Love Mom and John

  2. Mark,
    It's time to turn it around again! Don't you give up now, you've come too far! You are loved and admired by so many..especially this sister! I still have faith that you will soon walk out of that hospital. In the meantime, you are in my heart and constantly in my prayers.
    I love you, Brother!

    Please hear our prayers! Take Mark by the hand and help him over this newest hurdle. Love and protect him from pain. Give him the strength to keep fighting. Amen